Davicom's Next Generation of Intelligent
Remote Site Management System

We will announce 2 new key features every 48 hours before the official unveiling on March 28th.
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Feature #1

Save power thanks to the unit’s small (300 mA) current draw at 12VDC. Stay in control of your site for longer periods on battery backup power when power fails, or operate from solar powered installations. Provisions are in place for further decreases in power draw in the future.

Feature #2

Operate with confidence in freezing cold or burning hot environments. The Unit’s industrial temperature range (-40 to +70°C, -40 to +158°F) will keep it going in extreme conditions, should your site’s HVAC fail or if your site simply does not have a controlled environment.

Feature #3

Count on stress-free firmware upgrades thanks to the unit’s dual firmware memory spaces that ensure fail-over and roll-back operation. Upgrades become virtually unbrickable, even if you pull the plug during an upgrade.

Feature #4

Take full advantage of the power and flexibility of SNMP site management. Use the unit’s SNMP-Manager war machine with up to 1024 GET, SET and TRAP commands to manage external devices.

Feature #5

Measure practically any type of analog sensor through the unit’s fully differential metering inputs. Input ranges between ±0.5V and ±80V with a common mode of up to ±80V ensure full flexibility

Feature #6

Monitor the status of various pieces of site equipment by virtue of the unit’s status inputs with fully independent ground returns.

Feature #7

Instantly see site status thanks to the built-in OLED system display. Easily view detailed system status and alarm conditions.

Feature #8

Manage your site over very low bandwidth communications channels down to 2400 baud (if regular dial-up or IP channels are not available). Regular high-speed Ethernet, dial-up modem and DTMF/voice-response connectivity are also included for free.
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